Yukon Gold Casino and Account Closure

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Online casinos began popping up on computer screens in the early 1990s and the idea of having a casino in your home was unheard of. Since then veteran Yukon Gold Casino has been operating successfully, earning them a strong reputation in the online casino industry. They have been around so long that they even have rumors of them being a fake casino going around, which has since proven to be false. They have an extensive list of casino games to choose from, an impressive welcome bonus, and enough wins from the progressive slots to make you want to think twice about letting your casino account close. However, although they hold a good reputation now, there have been several complaints addressed to Yukon Gold Casino's customer service about their user accounts. Many customers found their accounts closed for several odd reasons. Here we find out what those reasons are and how the stuff from the Yukon Gold Casino's customer service has sense redeemed themselves

Bonuses Make Yukon Gold Accounts Close

One of the ways that players at Yukon Gold Gold Casino found their customer account inaccessible was through their welcome bonuses and any other bonuses. Winners often complained to Yukon Gold Casino's customer service that when they went to cash out their winnings, they came to find their account frozen. Players complained that they were accused of participating in "irregular play" automatically making their account close. Players were told their "irregular play" consisted of them being accused of duplicating Yukon Gold Casino game playing customer accounts, when even after talking to Yukon Gold Casino's customer service agents that was not the case. In many cases it was just another player with the same address making a separate Yukon Gold Casino new player customer account and playing the same game.

Many players felt that the casinos bonus terms were indeed confusing and did not know what led to them finding their account closed. Many players at Yukon Gold Casino complained their customer account was closed after using their welcome bonus with no problems, leaving the casino for a while, and coming back to their frozen account. Nowhere on the site does it say that you can't leave the game and come back, nor does it say that you wouldn't be able to get your earnings, even if you met all of the wagering requirements.

The confusing part about the bonus that makes players feel that Yukon is creating scams with their Yukon Gold Casino active player customer account is that many players miss the part of the terms and conditions that state that the bonus can only be used once per device. So, no two people in the same household can use the same computer or device under the same wifi address to not only win bonuses but play at the casino all together. Unfortunately, some players have reported that this is not the case as well, with proof, and they found their account still was closed.

Withholding Withdrawals

Another issue that players address to the customer service at Yukon Gold Casino is the period of time they have to wait to receive their withdrawals, even when the issue doesn't pertain to anything making their account froze. Many players have complained about not receiving any of their funds even after months. Naturally, they refuse to have their account close because they want their earnings, but the time period has been way too extensive. Some players have reported that they have waited months for withdrawals from their Yukon Casino Gold active player customer account. This would make anyone want to have their account close and go to another casino.

Players have not only complained about withdrawals taking too long but others have just not received them, and the casino did not have their account closed. Players have sent in complaints about delayed responses or back and forth responses with Yukon Gold casino's customer service agents and never receiving their money they have requested to withdraw. Again, this is another reason to make players want to have their account close. Not to mention, not only have players complained about having their accounts frozen without them knowing, and having withdrawal issues, players have also had their account closed themselves because the casino would take hours or even days to deposit their money.

They Are Indeed Legit

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Over the years, the customer service at Yukon Gold Casino has been facing issues that make players think that this is a fake casino because their bonuses were unheard of, often making players think about letting their account close or scaring away possible new players. Contrary to what people believe the casino is far from fake, with impeccable proof. Yukon Gold Casino provides every customer account with guaranteed safety because they don't have a choice. They are always monitored by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling committee who makes sure the site is not scamming any customer through bank transfers or games. Players also shouldn't think to let their account close because every Yukon Gold Casino active player customer account is also monitored by companies like GamStop and BeGambleAware who check to see that all players at the casino are fully protected in every aspect of the casino. Finally, their longevity alone proves that they are indeed a legitimate casino.

Banking at Yukon Gold Casino

For players still skeptical about joining the casino or the casino has not had their account close, Yukon has a vast list of banking options to choose from. Some of their options are Bank Transfer, E-check, EcoPayz, Neteller, Paypal, Visa, and Master Card to name a few. If you want to withdraw from your account, close in on all of your wager requirements in order to receive your winnings. Players do however still complain that they wait when withdrawing money from their account, up to 48 hours for their winnings. You have to withdraw at least $50 to cash out winnings and no more than 4,000 at a time. Players in the past have said that they have done this and they still have had withdrawal issues. Forcing them to want their account closed and go to another casino. To deposit funds, you have to put in at least $10.

Yukon Gold Casino's Customer Service

If you are still uncomfortable with Yukon Gold Casino, they have an excellent customer service system that will help you with getting your account closed. Or if your account closed already and you want to get it back, you can ask support from Yukon Gold Casino's customer service. You can access Yukon Gold Casino's customer service by phone, email, or live chat. The chat option is said to be the fastest option because you get a response from someone almost instantly. The Yukon Gold Casino's customer service is available 24/7, so you can have your issue solved at any time you need. You can even use the live chat on your phone or any other mobile device as you play. New players should beware that players in the past have complained about Yukon Gold Casino's customer service not being cooperative when they found their account was closed.


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Overall, there are several ways that Yukon Casino can prove that they are not a fake casino. They are monitored by UK Gambling and Malta Gaming Authority, plus they have the eCOGRA symbol on their site so all three of those certifications prove that they are not scamming anyone and they are indeed a legitimate casino so the chances of someone illegally getting into your account, close to none. They are actually a respectable casino that goes above and beyond to welcome in all of their new players with a major welcome bonus of 125 free spins. Players can find plenty of opportunities to use all of those free spins on over 500 games. Players can expect nothing but the best games as they solely use Microgaming for all of their casino software.

With Microgaming players are sure to experience engaging video quality with all of the games that they experience whether it's in the extensive slot collection, video poker, or in their live dealer suite. Their drawbacks come from complaints of people unknowingly finding their account blocked for bonus stipulations that are confusing. Also, their withdrawal methods are far too long when you want to get earnings from you Yukon Gold Casino regular player customer account. They do, on the other hand, offer a long list of trusted banking options when you want to deposit or withdraw funds. At Yukon Gold Casino you don't have to fear any scams, in fact, if you've already signed up you don't have to let your account close, there are so many things for you to enjoy that you wouldn't believe the casino is fake.